Sunday, November 4, 2012


I couldn't think of a blog title, so I just named what is in front of me. A vase of beautiful purple wisteria! My mail days are a little less quiet. :) My boyfriend is recovering slowly but surely from his surgery. I've been playing nurse and caring for him. It's tough work, but worth it. He's sitting beside me, playing Borderlands 2 and listening to The Mountain Goats. Every once in a while he casts a smile my way. It's a lovely Sunday morning and it's calm and rose scented in my little home. :) It's a good writing atmosphere!

I realized I never say much about ME in this blog, just my mail. I should do an entry where I say a bit about myself, so people following me know me a little. Yes/no? Hmm..maybe later! :p


Letters from Saskia in Germany, Lucy in CA, Ashley in TX and one intro from a friendship book (haven't gotten one of those in a long time!)

Letters from Martha in FL (we've been writing for the goodness..15 years or so now!), Amy Beth in MI, Natalia in Mexico and Yeska in NM. Amy Beth sent me a clear envie in response to the clear envie I sent her, which you'll see below!

No a whole ton of incoming, but that's ok! Not pictured is a letter from Kerrie in the UK who sent me the CUTEST puppy mini letter set (I have a thing for mini envies) and a letter from Eileen in Malaysia who has the most PERFECT tiny handwriting I have ever seen in my life. ^__^


Long reply full of ranting and rambling to Lucy in CA.

Outgoing to Jackie in OH, Tracey in AZ and Ashley in TX.

Outgoing to Martha in FL, Annie in PA, and Jenn in AZ.

Outgoing to JJ in OK, Mariko in Japan, Amy in Canada and Amy Beth in MI.

Outgoing tiny package of awesome filled with stickers, deco tape and long rambling mail to my bestie Sarah in WI. She LOVED it all.

Closeup of the outgoing to Mariko. I LOVE those weird fat plaid letter stickers. They set me back a whopping ONE DOLLAR. lol

I love getting pictures of my letters being received. This is JJ's letter all safe and sound.

This is a closeup of Amy Beth's letter. Aren't those the best envelopes ever? I love making them. It gives letters character and they look amazing going through the mail.

And here it is safe and sound in he hands of Amy Beth! Proof my handmade envelopes survive the USPS! ;) I'm tempted to mail myself one just because they look so amazing all filled colorful and happy. I'm a dork I know.. lol

Randomness time now..
 This is an AWESOME stamp I got on my letter from Megan in Australia. I'm a fantasy geek so this appealed to my inner geek. :D I would have photographed her letter, but it got to me pretty mangled. Thankfully nothing fell out and this awesome stamp survived. :)

One thing I love and think is cute about Asian stationery is the nonsense sentences that you sometimes find on the paper itself. Take this for example. My boyfriend read it and was like "Wait..WAT? Gutlessnesses?"

This is what the backs of my letters tend to look like. I can't stand not writing on the backs of my letter papers. Sure it makes the letter seem longer, but it feels wasteful..all that blank space to be created and written upon. Plus it gives letters personality, adding your own touch like that. :)

...and this is what I have left to reply to! It'll get done this week for sure. ^^

That's all for now~ I'll be lurking again until I've gotten enough mail to