Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cuteness in my Mailbox!

I got some of the CUTEST letters from my dear friend Amy! Her envie art is wonderfully cute..I love it! I also got a wonderfully kind letter from my friend Kate. I'm a little behind on my mail, but I'm trying to get caught up!!


My birthday was July 28th and she sent me this adorable handmade card. Delicious cuppycakes! :D

Monday I got this absolutely precious envie and letter from her. This is SO cute in person, I could not get enough of it. ^^

 This is Kate's wonderful letter. I've been going through some tough times and she was amazing and sent me stamps so I could keep writing. Kate is such a kind and wonderful person. I am so happy to have her as a friend. Her letters are always a joy to find in my box.


Letter to my awesome friend Susie. I am more than slightly addicted to using alphabet stickers for names on my letters. I love Susie's mail. She's witty and funny and we have so much in common. I sent her some memos and a small letter set mix. :D

Letter to my friend Jessica. She got some mini memos and cute Mamegoma letter set!

This was one of the pictures from an August Snail Mail Photo Challenge I'm doing on Instagram. This is a tiny section of one of my letter set drawers. There are 3 total, plus another box full. I have way too many. x_x I also keep a constant supply of birthday cards in cute styles to send pals when birthdays roll around. :D

Some more of my handmade envelopes. They're so fun to make, it's relaxing and therapeutic to me. I have a few other template sizes, but so far the A6 size is my favorite. It's big enough to send 4x6 memos to pals and great for my 6-12 page letters to my closest friends. :D

Do you have any paper crafts you like to make? ^-^

Friday, August 10, 2012

First Post! Aka Happy Mail Instagram Dump

Hello, blogging world! I've had this little blog for a while and was never sure exactly how to start it. That's always the hardest part, I guess..actually starting on a path? Well, here we go!

I'm M. I've been pen palling since I was about 16 years old, so it's been a healthy and happy 16 years since I decided to pen pal. I've always been obsessed with sending and getting mail. As a child, I wrote little letters to my cousin, even though she lived right across town. It was thrilling to get a cute letter in the mail. I've taken that joy with me over the years and met so many amazing people because of it. I  wouldn't trade my pen pals for the world. I love you all dearly!

That said, have some pictures! This is a bit of my day to day mailings. They're Instagrams, because that's where I hide all my mail pictures. :) It will be glaringly obvious that I am a complete and total kawaii addict! Kamio, Crux, Q-Lia, San-X, Sanrio... I LOVE IT ALL!!!

I'm a crafty girl and love to make things. These are some of my homemade envelopes. I'm actually selling 2 sets on My Etsy Shop, since pals have mentioned loving them!

I'm a total addict when it comes to brads. I use them  to "staple" my letter pages. I hate staples. I think they are tacky. Brads add a finer and more colorful touch. They're just cute and the selections are pretty limitless. I tend to stick to hearts and stars..they're just my thing. :)

I love to swap on Swap Bot as well! This is one page of a Kawaii Mini Zine I exchanged. It was really tedious work, since each zine was hand colored, decorated and painted, as opposed to mailing color copies. I may never do this again, just because it was SO tedious. x_x

I'm a deco and washi tape addict. These lovely tapes were given to me by my best friend Sarah, who is basically my sister. They were a lovely cheer up gift for my birthday. As the background envie shows, they add some nice accent to mail! ^_^

Some of the kawaii letters I mail out on a daily basis...

...and some more! I have more letter sets, letter pads and stickers than I know what to do with sometimes! I try to use a different set with every letter, but repeats happen

And that's all for now! XD