Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lovely Mail~

Hello blogosphere! :D How has life been treating my few lovely readers? I've been getting a dose of real life these past few weeks. My boyfriend had a tough operation late last week and is still recovering. He's in a lot of pain and I admit, most of my focus has been on spending time with him and taking care of him until he recovers, which will hopefully be soon. It's hard seeing someone you care about in so much pain.

I've been keeping busy by crafting! I've made 2 necklaces and listed them up on my Etsy shop. I love to make's relaxing and fun! Do you folks out there have a craft you do in down time to relax??

 Here's the first, a blue star bottle on a blue ball chain. :)

 ...and the second! A flower bottle on an orange ball chain.

I've also been on a small Friendship book making kick. I LOVE FBs, especially high quality booklets. I hate FBs that are just 2 post-it's stapled together. For me they are sloppy and just..not for me. Not to knock anyone who makes those, I just prefer the super elaborate ones. :)

These are some of the HQ FBs I've made in the last week. My favorite is the black and white voodoo girl FB. :)

I've also been a busy bee making punch out paper flowers, envelopes for a trade and even tried my hand at mail art. It was a very minimalist effort on the mail art..I'm just not very good at it. I wish I had someone to teach me techniques and come over for mail art sessions! lol

 Hand punched paper flowers I made with scraps of paper from envie making! My friend loved them so I am very pleased. I was worried she wouldn't like the paper. I'm odd, I

 Some envelopes I made for a trade. I tell you, envelope making is very therapeutic! It relaxes me!

My weak little attempt at mail art. You'll see the whole finished thing below. :)

It's still been a quiet few weeks for mail! I'm proud and sad at the same time to say my mail pile is less than 10 letters! I wonder if all my pals are ok?? I did get a few letters this week though. I've been thinking of doing a pen pal ad, but I am resisting! I need to finish my remaining 7 letters before I even consider taking anyone else. :)


The top letter with the pretty text envelope got lost in the mail. I was SO upset to hear was for my dear Amy Beth. :(

 The finished mail art envie for Nga Yee, who asked me to use my Disney stamps! I used 2 of my favorites. ^^

 Outgoing to the lovely Megan is Australia!

 Outgoing to Liz, Yeska and Tracey all in the USA.

 Outgoing to Jamie! I used one of my new favorite letter sets in the world. I wish I had like 3 packs of it, I love it so much!

 One of the most adorable and cool letter sets ever. Love Sentimental Circus!

This a letter I sent to my new pal Ashley. I forgot to take a picture so I snagged one from her Instagram. :)
(Again, I used that awesome letter set! :D)


 The most wonderful of wonderful letters from my dear pal Torill. I was SO happy when I opened her letter and saw all this inside. I was having a rough day and it was a huge pick me up! I adore everything she sent me, esp. her wonderful touching letter. :)

My current letter pile, sort of. I've replied to 3 of the letters pictured already and have gotten 3 to replace them from Torill, Amy Beth and Jenn..goofy me didn't get pictures of those. ;p

One of the above letters came with this package of awesome goodies from my best friend Sarah, who I adore more than words. She is my bestie and my sister, though we've never met in person. She always knows just what to send to make me smile and man do I love reading those 20 page letters. :) I am so lucky to have found my twin in the pen pal world. I'm endlessly grateful to have her. <3

Also not photographed is a surprise birthday card and stickers to my friend Kate. Shh! She's not supposed to know. ;) I hope she wil like them and that they brighten her day a little.

See? Quiet mailbox! Hopefully once I get everyone replied to things will start to speed up and my mailbox will be happy again. T_T Otherwise, I have to hoard pictures for a few weeks until I have enough to make a nice, beefy picture

Until next time~


  1. Aww everything looks super cute :) I'm in love with all that stationery, specially the Alice in Wonderland themed one! <3 Thanks for the follow dear, I'm following back :')

    Greetings from Barcelona.

  2. I love all you're letters they are so cute!